New Photograph: Apricale Stroll

Travel Photograph: Apricale Stroll by Nat Coalson
In September 2014 we led another private photo tour around Piedmont and Liguria in northern Italy. It was a spectacular trip!
In this image, a couple is silhouetted against the reflected morning light within the ancient stone alleyways in Apricale, Italy.
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New travel photo: Apricale, Italy

I made this image during our Italy Photo Tour in October 2012. The village of Apricale is high in the Maritime Alps, not far from the Mediterranean and the French border. Our group stayed there for two nights and had a fantastic time exploring the area. We’d scouted this location the previous afternoon and the entire group returned in the pre-dawn hours to photograph the sunrise. The clouds never gave way, but we were treated to calm weather and clear visibility, lending a sparkling quality to the town lights. Click the image for the full size version.