Arrivederci from Italy – end of Piedmont Tour Fall 2014

Over the past two weeks I’ve had the great pleasure to guide two wonderful clients on a private photo workshop in northern Italy.
The last couple of days in the Cinque Terre were fabulous, made more special by our lovely hotel in Bonassola.
This morning we said “arrivederci” at the Turin Airport. Huge thanks to my new friends the Gortmakers of Boulder.
My next trip is to Holland with Ruth this week …. and then another private photo adventure in Croatia!

Amazing Dolceacqua

The medieval village of Dolceacqua is one of the most amazing and ‘hive-like’ towns I’ve visited anywhere.
It feels like crawling around in a giant termite mound! Really wonderful.
Here are some quick phone snaps… stay tuned for the real pictures after I get home!