New travel photo: Broadway Tower

Over the past two weeks I led a small group on an in-depth, personalized photo tour through the heart of England. Our first few days were spent in the Cotswolds area, in the southwest of England. We stayed in the picturesque little village of Broadway, which is near a country park and tower of the same name. Broadway Tower is a folly (basically, a fake castle) built in the late 1700s. We scouted this location over a couple of very gray, cold and windy days, hoping we’d get a nice sunrise before we had to move on in our itinerary. On the last day in Broadway, we were treated to a wonderful sunrise. This is one of the photos from the several dozen I made before, during and after sunrise; I’ll post more on my web site over the coming weeks. Click the image to view the larger version. You can learn more about Broadway Tower here.

Kenilworth Stairwell

On October 6, 2012 Ruth and I visited Kenilworth Castle in the Midlands of England. It’s a fantastic medieval castle ruin and one of the most renowned of English historical castles.
While exploring the ruins I found this moody, dramatic inside corner with a circular staircase leading up to the floors above. I was glad to have my tripod with me, as this scene was lit with very low light levels requiring a 1.3 second exposure, even at ƒ 6.3.
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