Still Life: Mezzaluna and Pomegranates

“Mezzaluna” photograph by Nat Coalson (click for larger image)
I made this image at sheep farm and artisan cheese maker Cascina Pistone in the Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy.
Upon entering the room, I was immediately drawn to the gentle shapes and beautiful window light. I spent a long while shooting this scene, first with the camera handheld, before deciding on the final composition and setting up the tripod.
Although the background and foreground are slightly blurred from a relatively shallow depth of field, this photo was captured using f/25 at 90mm on a 28-135mm lens. I tried many apertures and other settings before finding the “sweet spot” that provided just the look I was after. In the end, this setup required a shutter speed of 5 seconds for correct exposure (which is why the tripod was required).
I made this photo during my Italy Photo Tour in October 2012. It was an amazing trip, and many of my clients were able to produce similar photos and many others from equally beautiful locations. I have several photo tours in Europe planned for 2013; please contact me for details.
This image is available as a print in any size on paper and canvas.
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