Think your photos could be better…
but you’re not sure how?

As a photographer you’ve surely discovered the myriad pitfalls and potential mistakes when creating and sharing your work.

These shortcomings detract from your purpose as a photographer and fail to engage viewers.

Whatever kinds of photography you do and whatever level of experience you have, there are some essential skills you need to master so you can make your images the best they can be.

The key is photographic design. Through a combination of awareness, knowledge and technique, applying photographic design enables you to

  • create images showing clear intent
  • grab the viewer’s attention and engage their interest
  • get positive reactions to your work

Photographic design encompasses all the essential skills and techniques you need to create a great photograph. It helps to learn and apply these methods in a step-by-step system:

  1. Subject selection and appraisal
  2. Pre-visualization of the finished image
  3. Lighting and other environmental factors
  4. Camera settings and operations
  5. Editing and post-processing workflow
  6. Printing and sharing
  7. Critique and evaluation

I’m here to help you with all of this.

My name is Nat Coalson. I’ve been a pro photographer for over fifteen years; before that I worked the previous fifteen years as a graphic designer. I’m a published author, Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom and Photoshop and an Ambassador for Sony and Epson.

I teach photographers of all kinds how to apply the powerful principles and techniques of photographic design so you can create consistently compelling imagery.

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Photographic Design Workshop is the place to develop your craft. Starting in early 2018, you can learn photographic design in a series of self-paced, online courses.

Right now, you can book a FREE initial coaching session directly with me.

During this 30-minute internet call, we’ll

  • review your images
  • talk about your interests and goals, and
  • discuss the best ways to move your photography forward.

All at no cost or obligation whatsoever.

So how can you make better photographs?

The first step is easy:

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“Nat, being the patient and perceptive teacher he is, has a way of leading you to look more carefully for the extraordinary amid the ordinary. The time with Nat has been a game changer. He is one of the best artists I know for inspiration, vision, growth and helping you capture all things beautiful.” —Teri G.

“Nat is an excellent teacher who makes complex technical subjects easy to understand and to implement. He is also a great teacher of the artistic dimensions of photography. Participating in his field workshops, as well as private coaching sessions, has helped me become a better photographer.” —Ron C.

“This was unquestionably the best workshop I have attended. An almost perfect balance between shooting and image processing/critique, the workshop covered the entire photographic workflow, from pre-visualization to final image critique.” —Dan G.

“I have taken several photographic workshops over the past few years and have found the ones that I took with Nat Coalson to be the best. Nat is very knowledgeable, has a great feel for the camera and post-production (Photoshop and Lightroom etc) and is inspirational in spurring you on to reach greater goals and to learn more about photography (and to enjoy it).” —Frank D.

“Both my compositional eye and technique improved very noticeably from your instruction. I was visualizing as I composed the shots how they would later look after post-processing. The instruction allowed me to fully experience ‘the moment.’” —Tom T.

“Nat is a very patient, well spoken, educated person; he has a great vocabulary and truly knows photography inside and out and can present information in an easy-to-grasp way. He is more than just a lecturer, he is a real teacher.” —Jock G.

“Nat Coalson is not only a passionate photographer, but also an accomplished digital professional. This combination makes him the perfect instructor.” —George J.

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